Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Her

With Christmas fast approaching and uncertainty as to what our Christmases will constitute in logistical terms, it is wise not only to get your shopping done early, but to make that extra little bit of an effort in the present-giving stakes, to compensate for whatever else may be missing this Christmas.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to give some gifts that can help brighten the Covid experience of your special ladies. So, without further ado, here are 10 excellent ideas for presents for xmas 2020.

  1. Smart indoor herb garden, anyone?

Sometimes technology and nature can combine to unexpected, beautiful effect. This is the case with the Click and Grow technology that is proving a real trend. Essentially, you get a smart hub for growing a choice of herbs and veggies. You simply plant the pods, provided, add water and plug in your hub, then wait for the plants to grow. It sounds too good to be true, but these beauties are getting rave reviews and are sure to be a Christmas winner, especially in family homes.

  • Pandemic proof “out and about kit”

Often you’ll find a so-called travel / out and about kit that is inflexible and contains one element that you wish you could tweak. Covid kits with customisable contents are a great idea, they can contain face masks, hand sanitiser with a choice of scents and all important hand lotion to compensate for all that alcohol hand gel.

  • Luxury pyjamas

We’re all spending more time in our homes and those of us who work from home may choose to do so in our pyjamas! Just don’t forget when you’re on a Zoom conference. Either way, the woman in your life will love you all the more if you provide her with a gorgeous pair of silk pyjamas, like some of these.

  • Quality socks

Socks for Christmas may seem like a cliché, but a lovely pair of quality socks, made from Cashmere or Alpaca will never go down badly.

  • Designer trainers

Designer trainers are a vital fashion trend and there are some amazing options out there. Check out the amazing star trainers which make a perfect Christmas gift.

  • Tile Pro (tracking device)

If the woman in your life is prone to misplacing items like her car keys, this handy Bluetooth tracking device makes it easy to locate anything you choose to attach it to.

  • Silk pillowcase

There’s a lot of talk trending about how silk is better for the skin (hence the aforementioned silk face coverings), so why not extend this logic to a pillow, where your lady’s face will rest for a good portion of her life.

  • Some new books and a reading light

With the possibility of another lockdown, it’s a great time to get stocked up for some reading sessions.

  • What about a hamper?

Hampers aren’t all the same and there are some great options out there, from pamper hampers, to luxury foodie hampers. This company has some lovely choices.

  • Chill Pills Bath Bombs

There’s a lot to be anxious about at the moment, but these bath bombs, gifted with the promise of running regular baths will be a sure-fire stress buster.