Scrub, Sweat and Sculpt – your 3-step beauty regime prep for summer 2018

While the icy fingers of winter still linger, spring is soon to break and in the blink of an eye summer will be here and everyone will be wanting to look their best for days on the beach and those much dreamt of summer holidays. Now more than ever there is a daunting array of beauty products on the market, all with the promise of making us beautiful. Of course, separating the wheat from the chaff is made all the more difficult, but with the three steps of scrub, sweat and sculpt in mind you can filter the necessary products from the noisy surplus and create a regime that will yield results.

The scrubbers!

Preparation is everything, is it not? This time-proven mantra applies to beauty regimes just as strongly as in other areas of life and preparing your body with a high quality scrub is absolutely mandatory. We in the west all lead lives that expose us to impurities that, along with dead skin create a build-up that not only sits on the surface of our skin, but burrows in, meaning that we end up with dry skin and blocked pores. Seeking out products containing Himalayan salt to exfoliate your skin and soothing ingredients such as honey to moisturise, will help boost microcirculation and leave your skin happy and ready to be pampered with the rest of your regime.

Do sweat it!

Eliminating all of the toxins that your body has to deal with is no easy task and it’s a case of making sure that you do all you can to drive them out. One exceptional method involves adding special salts to your bath. You will benefit from increases sweating and enhanced diffusion, brought on by the concentration of sodium in the water. A 15 minute soak in the tub can yield very good results and also help to reduce water retention. Again, Himalayan salts are very good and have been used for centuries – sometimes the best wisdom is age old.

Sculpt like you’re in Ghost!

With the two preparatory steps done, it’s time to bring out the secret weapon in your arsenal. Hunting down a superb body lotion or sorbet is fun. You want to look out for products rich in natural sugars that serve to make your skin more supple and tighten excess, loose skin. In addition you should focus your search further by seeking out products containing Xeradin™. This is a highly impressive active ingredient with immense moisturizing capabilities. It derives from clary sage, which combats low water conditions and contains flavonoids, which boost dry skin in the same way they counter drying in plant-life that must cope with dry conditions! Finally, look out for Lipout™ – a microalgae (Tisochrysis lutea) that is rich in polyunsaturated faty acids. It activates natural adipocytes to help sculpt your body and limit the impact of cellulite, boosting elasticity and leaving you firm and confident. Science lesson over! No time like the present…get shopping and scrub, sweat, sculpt and repeat!