Plus Sized Clothing Tips for Women

High waists and breaking up the midsection

For those women with broader shoulders and a so-called ‘rectangular’ body shapes, it will pay dividends to dress in styles that go for curves, but there are other golden rules to heed. A pair of trousers with a high waist are a must, but can look very wrong if not paired with the right clothes. Let’s picture a nice pair of smart grey trousers with a high waist (tailored if possible). If you add to this a seamed, white shirt, left untucked, but not too long and finish the outfit with a colourful blazer that falls just below the white shirt, then you will go a long way to breaking up the midsection and hiding the high waist. The bold (single) coloured blazer, perhaps in shades of orange will attract the gaze and look stunning.

Eyes up

Most of us have a multitude of sins to hide and when thinking about dressing, you could do worse than to think of yourself as a magician, directing the audience’s eyes away from the behind the scenes stuff and making them go ‘wow!’ To that end, adding some bold jewellery in the form of a multi-stranded necklace and a pair of interesting, bold earrings can go a long way.

Lucy Alice suitsSuits You

When it comes to dressing to impress in the office, those of us with fuller, rectangle figures will reap even greater rewards when it comes to wearing a fitted blazer. Plus sized women’s suits can be fantastic, but it really will pay to get that blazer tailored and to remove any shoulder pads to give a slimming touch to the shoulder area.

Silk in an Hourglass and other tips

Plus sized ladies clothing for hourglass figures offers a wealth of possibilities, but two exceptional tips are silk shirts and ankle boots. Silk shirts, especially in vertical stripes of bold colours will soften the line of the bust, without concealing those lovely curves, while ankle boots offer more alchemy in the form of lengthening the leg line.


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