Plus Sized Clothing Tips for Men

Tailor those Suits

Finding and buying suits for larger men is not necessarily the problem, although with most plus sized men’s clothing brands offering wares in sizes ranging from L to 6XL it is certainly something of a minefield navigating those sizes! There are some great options, but sizing can be somewhat sketchy and as all larger men have distinct body shapes the idea of having your suits tailored by companies such as Suitsmen, it is a very attractive one. It pays to remember that when it comes to formal clothing, you really don’t need a huge number of suits, so you can certainly focus on quality over quantity in the suit stakes.

Some more suit tips are:

  • Go for a suit jacket that with bold features like wide lapels or large pockets.
  • Single-breasted suit jacket are more flattering for larger men.
  • Go for block colours in dark shades, like charcoal grey, dark navy or black.
  • Larger men look great with wider ties.

Ditch the go big mantra

One absolutely key tip for plus-sized men is to avoid wearing ill-fitting clothing. There is the tendency to wear clothes that are overly big to disguise the body shape, but all this does is draw attention to your weight and look messy. Well-fitted clothes are vital.

Dress shirt tips

As with the suit, well-fitted shirts are a must, but there are some other, less obvious tips to consider:

  • Stiff-collared shirts that remain upright can elongate the neck, which is great.
  • Avoid slim-fits as aggressively as baggy fits.
  • There are some great compression vests that can help to elongate the torso. This will boost confidence and help you look great.