Men’s Fashion Trends for 2017 (for real people)

Most online articles dealing with fashion trends are not aimed at real people it seems. Too often such articles regurgitate images from Milan catwalks of people dressed in the sort of outfits that you wouldn’t be seen dead in. Of course, such lines are designed to stimulate the senses and offer an insight into the style of a given designer, but it’s not much help to the common man!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some trends that will help you to get ahead of the curve in 2016.

The grey explosion

In what is a stark contrast to the typical summer colour bloom, it seems that designers have all concluded that grey is the way for spring and summer 2017. Of course most men have more than a smattering of grey in their wardrobes, but 2017 will be the year that grey in all its various tones can take off. All bricks and mortar and online shops alike have taken note of this and offer a great variety of suits and other clothing in this palette. A grey suit with a black mandarin dress collar shirt looks stunning.

Baggy trousers

There has been something of a subtle undercurrent in the fashion world that has seen baggy trousers coming back into fashion, but 2017 will see this babbling brook turn into a tidal river and looser fitting trousers should be sought out by suit wearers far and wide as the slim fit style is gradually fading into the realms of memory.

Baseball caps are finally back!

You no longer have to pretend to be into American sports to find an excuse to don your favourite colour baseball cap – they are simple everywhere on the catwalk this season. There is, however a twist in that the latest cap buzz surrounds those made in more exotic materials like leather and suede and they’re being worn with suits and more casual jean attire alike. Don’t get any ideas of wearing it peak backwards as that is one step back to the ‘80s too far!

Boardroom backpack

Move over ‘man bag’, now is the time for the boardroom backpack! Of course, there are some sumptuous examples of the sort of backpack (black leather) that is driving this trend, from the likes of Alexander McQueen and Hermes.