Increase your Confidence with Moroccan Oil

Us girls are constantly being bombarded with ads telling us about the latest miracle beauty treatments that practically offer to change you into a different person! What’s more, we keep falling for it and spending inordinate amounts of money on products that ultimately end up disappointing – a bit like buying an expensive gift for useless boyfriend!

But as with boyfriends, on occasion, something comes along that really does work and that really can make a positive difference to the way you feel. This year, that thing is Moroccan oil.

What is Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil is an all-encompassing, one size fits all product direct from the deserts of  Morocco that can have a transformative effect on a huge range of hair and skin problems. Jam packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin e and sterols (naturally occurring fats) that us humans find incredibly easy to absorb through our hair or skin, Moroccan oil is a great way to hydrate!

Moroccan oil derives from the Argan tree, a rare species found only within the Moroccan desert. Argan trees have been known to thrive in these harsh, dry conditions for more than two centuries, which goes some way to explaining why the oil which can be extracted from its kernels is so effective at hydrating hair and skin.

Although the active ingredients of vitamins, minerals and fats go some way to explaining the oil’s restorative and reparative qualities, it’s still not really known exactly how this precious substance works.

Uses for Moroccan Oil

You can find lots of products available that claim to be or include Moroccan oil but the genuine product can only be harvested by women who live in the Moroccan desert, which means it can be expensive and more difficult to get hold of than inferior products.

As an endangered species, the way Argan trees are harvested is carefully monitored to ensure that any oil sold in the UK has been sourced and produced ethically. However, it’s still a good idea to check the packaging of any Moroccan oil products for a registered trademark, but you can also look out for the following warning signs:

  • The list of ingredients should be very short so if there’s anything other than Argan oil listed the product is not pure Moroccan oil.
  • Real Argan oil is sold in dark coloured (usually blue) bottles as light can affect the quality so if you find oil in a clear bottle then exercise caution.
  • Genuine Argan oil is difficult and time consuming to produce which means it’s not cheap so be suspicious if you find oil for sale at a bargain price.
  • Argan oil has a unique and pleasant nutty scent so if your oil smells unpleasant or smells of nothing then it’s likely to be fake.
  • Moroccan oil is smooth and silky in texture and not sticky, watery or gritty. Most importantly, oil should not irritate or sting the skin so test a little out before you apply it all over.

Why use Moroccan Oil?

Moroccan oil has been used as a beauty treatment for hundreds, if not thousands of years and has always been well known in Morocco for its restorative qualities. In the UK, most women use Moroccan oil as a treatment for the skin or hair, although it can also be used as a nail treatment.

Moroccan Oil as a Hair Treatment

Moroccan oil can be used to treat damaged hair and is particularly effective at transforming the appearance of slit ends. When hair has been affected by heat, styling and dying, Moroccan oil can rehydrate the hair and give it a much healthier and shinier appearance.

You can apply Moroccan oil to damp hair and style as usual or work a little into dry hair before straightening or curling, which help protect it from the heat.

Moroccan Oil as a Skin Treatment

Moroccan oil is a great treatment for very dry skin but can also help reduce the appearance of scars, pock marks and stretch marks, as well as helping to prevent them. As part of a daily moisturising routine Moroccan oil can be applied once or twice a day, or to give scars and stretch marks a more intensive treatment apply to the affected area three to four times a day.

So if your split ends, dry skin or stretch marks are getting you down then don’t suffer in silence! Give Moroccan oil a try. Not only could you completely transform how you look, but also how you feel!