Essential Fashion Looks for Career Women

It’s never easy waking up early and deciding what to wear to the office. Have I worn this too recently? Is this really suitable for work? With a little forward planning, however you can create a flexible wardrobe that allows for a great mix of outfits without breaking the bank. So, read on and soon you’ll be looking forward to bringing that bit of a buzz to dreary Monday mornings with your dazzling approach to office chic. Well, maybe that’s a leap too far, but surely getting up that little bit earlier on a depressing grey Monday to try on outfits at least has the potential to lift at least some of the gloom?

Classic look that never fails

Undoubtedly the most reliable and by far the simplest way to coordinate an office fashion statement is the classic look. Black or white shirt or blouse with black or white trousers – perhaps ankle high (or a tad higher), showing off a sleek pair heels. It really is that simple. Just don’t forget to top the look off with a statement piece, such as a dazzling handbag, or a slightly outlandish piece of jewellery. One little bit of glam (well, two if you go all out on the shoe front) really can make all the difference.

Adding a casual tweak

Women are definitely in a favourable position when it comes to giving a little casual touch to their office wear and this is a little guide on how to best achieve the office casual look.

  • Always wear heels. Heels draw the focus and if you’re wearing heels, chances are you’re smart enough
  • Go feminine and smart with your top. Think blouse, men’s style shirts or tops with structure
  • Take a nice blazer or jacket, perhaps from your ladies business suit and add a relaxed necklace or bracelet.
  • Alternatively a sleek, black jumper can work wonders if paired with the right trousers.
  • The classic desire to wear informal trousers or jeans to work can now be fulfilled. Whether you choose smart jeans or a wilder pair of leather trousers, you’ll be sure to pull off the look if you follow these rules. And add some designer trainers like these from Cocorose London.

Go glamorous or go home

Joking aside, the glam look is one sure way of making an office statement and showing you mean business. Again, the starting point, you’ll be pleased to hear (though your feet might argue) involves an elegant pair of heels. Now the rules here are incredibly simple. There are no rules! Luxurious fabrics, long glamorous coats, luxury knitted dresses, tight pencil skirts, fitted dresses paired with large, statement belts…the choices really are endless – the only real constraints will probably be budget related!

The effortlessly chic look

Not all office environments are created equal and it would be remiss not to mention those in which there is a flexible approach to appropriate dress. The likes of Apple encourage creativity in the wardrobes of their workers and many more companies are following suit. So, I’m sure if we could choose we’d all opt for a bit more comfort in our office outfits, right? The following pic highlights a great way, for those lucky enough, to go for the careless chic look.

Eastern influences have continued to seep into the fashion world in the UK as Yoga and Pilates are integrated into so many of our lifestyles. This look captures relaxed hippy chic quite beautifully, with a tied crop tee with lounge pants. Sunglasses, beige tones and loose, free hair are all required!