Amazing British Honeymoon Ideas

In the light of the current global pandemic and with international travel proving tricky, now is the time to explore some of the beautiful, exhilarating and relaxing holiday options in these very isles.

So, no matter whether you thrive in homely conditions, live for adventure or yearn for the best of both worlds, let us guide you through some of the very best options for you to spend those magical first weeks together as a married couple.

Oh Flower of Scotland – The Island Version

Nothing can prepare you for your first Scottish island trip. From the imposing mountains of the Scottish Highlands to the ferry rides and your first drive around one of the incredible Hebridean islands you will constantly find your breath being stolen from you by the sheer beauty of it all. Mull, Skye, Islay and Lewis Harris are all wonderful honeymoon destinations, preferable a combination of them. You will find charming villages, beautiful pristine beaches and a sense of being almost alone with the person you love. You can hunker down from the weather in front of a fire if the weather turns and the walking options are endless. If you love birds, you will find plenty of twitching opportunities, while the whisky distilleries are fascinating and welcoming.

A Cottage Escape

If your idea of a honeymoon is a peaceful escape to a remote location, with your own little place to create a loving little nest for a couple of weeks then you should be looking into the idea of cottage escape in any number of beautiful areas of natural beauty that Britain has to offer should be firmly on your radar. You could look to the Cotswolds, where the iconic Cotswold stone cottages are straight out of a picture book and there are more stunning villages and market towns than you could ever wish to visit. Alternatively, North Wales is a fantastic option. The relatively deserted beaches and lovely white stone cottages of Anglesey are intoxicating and provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.

Beach hut bliss

While Britain is not necessarily famed for its beaches internationally, those in the know, know! You have the infamous Seaglass in Cornwall that overlooks Whitsand Bay and you get your own private beach hut, which simply oozes hygge. North Devon also provides stunning white sand beaches and the chalets at Saunton sands are simply ideal for those who love to surf, stroll the beach and you have the nearby dunes to explore, too. A final optionsees us turn to the north and Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire. Here you can find exceptional beach houses like this to welcome you for your special time together.

Woodland retreat

Forest lovers, foragers and wannabee Hobbits need look no further than one of the UK’s top woodland getaways in the likes of the Treehouse at Harptree Court, Somerset or this enchanting treehouse in Eggesford, Devon.

Spa break

You only need to use your search engine of choice and enter ‘luxury UK spa breaks’ to find a plethora of options that will have you dreaming of a glass of prosecco in a hot tub and a hot stone massage. Let Google be your guide!